Dataminer Finds Gunfight and Gun Game Icons in Modern Warfare 2

modern warfare 2 gunfight

It seems that there are more fan-favourite game modes on the Call of Duty horizon. Recently, it was revealed by a dataminer that there are assets hidden within the Modern Warfare 2 code that point directly to both Gunfight and Gun Game multiplayer modes.

Both of these modes are iconic, with Gun Game boasting a legacy that can be traced back to 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, where it was first introduced. While Gunfight has only existed since 2019’s Modern Warfare, it has proven itself to be a popular mode, pitting small teams against each other with randomised loadouts in close-quarters environments.

Will Gunfight and Gun Game Be Added To Modern Warfare 2?

On Twitter, user @BKTOOR5 shared a series of images that are directly linked to Gun Game and Gunfight. Recently, BKTOOR5 shook the datamining tree and obtained iconography that suggested both Cranked and Plunder could be making an all-new appearance in the Call of Duty world very soon.

That’s yet to materialise, but to be fair, we’re still wrapped up in Season One of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0, with Season Two dropping at the start of February. There’s still time for these modes to be officially revealed.

Technically, fans of Modern Warfare 2 have had the ability to play Gun Game since the title launched at the end of October. However, this mode was achievable only through a private, customised lobby, and it was never made public. That could change, of course.

As far back as June 2022, Infinity Ward was promising a Gunfight playlist. It was something of a guarantee that dropped alongside the reveal of Prisoner Rescue and Knockout, two of the newest modes that were uncovered ahead of Modern Warfare 2 launching.

There’s no sign of a ranked mode dropping in Modern Warfare 2 just yet, but Gunfight comes in as a close second. It’s a balanced playing field that forces teams to use the same weapons, and the matches are usually wrapped up following a few seconds of intense, aggressive combat. Could Gunfight and Gun Game make an appearance on the platform in the near future?


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