Former XCOM Devs Form Midsummer Studios to Make Modern Life Sim

XCOM Enemy Unknown Heroes on Street

According to an interview with, former XCOM developer Jake Solomon and other industry veterans launched Midsummer Studios to make a life sim.

Soloman is CEO and creative director of Midsummer Studios. They’re also working with Will Miller, another developer who worked at Firaxis. Nelsie Birch will lend their expertise and serve as COO and CFO.

In a new post on Twitter, Transcend’s Shanti Bergel announced their “lead investment in the oversubscribed $6M Seed round for Midsummer Studios.”

Reports from multiple outlets include further details about Midsummer Studio’s goals and life sim game. Solomon told that “what we’re really focusing on is the story aspect.”

The CEO showed a lot of interest in letting players make meaningful choices, with rewards and consequences. They mentioned the “drama of modern life and the conflict of modern life.”

Solomon also noted that “I think the danger would be if I was competing with The Sims feature-for-feature.” They say that “we have to do what we do really well; we just have to do it in a new space.”

In a report by VGC, Solomon reiterated the modern life approach with meaningful stories, but added that players could “share those stories with the world.”

It will also reportedly be a next-gen title, according to a statement made via IGN. At this early stage, Midsummer Studios has not confirmed a title or release window for the life sim game.

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