Esports Events Calendar 2024 | Every Tournament You Need to See

esports events calendar 2024

Every year is an exciting one in the world of esports. From superstars rising to fame to multi-million-dollar tournaments surfacing and stunning audiences worldwide, it’s certainly an industry that never sleeps. It can be hard to track what’s going on – or what’s coming next. That’s why we’ve assembled a one-stop esports events calendar for 2024, so you can see what’s coming and plan your viewing activities accordingly.

As esports events wrap up through 2024, we’ll update this calendar with any applicable results – because that’s how nice we are at Insider Gaming. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the esports events being played in 2024.

(Note: As this is being published in July 2024, it’ll only cover events in H2)

Major Esports Events Calendar (2024)


July is a remarkably busy year and a solid place to kick off our esports events calendar. With the Esports World Cup, history is being made – but there are plenty of other events floating around.

Tournament NameGame TitlePrize PoolDate
Esports World Cup 202421 Individual Games$60 MillionJul 3 – Aug 25
Riyadh Masters 2024Dota 2$5 MillionJul 4 – 21
FC Pro 24 World ChampionshipEA FC 24$1 MillionJul 11 – 13
COD League ChampionshipModern Warfare 3$2.3 MillionJul 18 – 21
Evo 2024Fighting GamesTBCJul 18 – 21
PUBG Mobile Worlds 2024PUBG Mobile$3 MillionJul 19 – 28
BLAST Premier: Fall GroupsCS2$190,000Jul 26 – Aug 4


August is a huge month for FPS fans, with Apex Legends, VALORANT, and Counter-Strike 2 getting some top-tier, high-value tournaments.

Tournament NameGame TitlePrize PoolDate
ALGS 2024: Split 2 PlayoffsApex Legends$1 MillionAug 29 – Sep 1
Honor of Kings MSIHonor of Kings$3 MillionAug 1 – 4
VALORANT Champs 2024VALORANT$2.2 MillionAug 1 – 25
IEM Cologne 2024CS2$1 MillionAug 7 – 18
BLAST Premier: Fall ShowdownCS2$135,000Aug 21 – 25


September is one of the busiest months in the esports events calendar – there are so many world championship events taking place, it’ll be hard to know where to focus your attention.

Tournament NameGame TitlePrize PoolDate
ESL Pro League Season 20CS2$750,000Sep 3 – 22
The International 2024Dota 2TBCSep 4 – 15
PUBG Nations Cup 2024PUBGTBCSep 6 – 8
FNCS 2024 Global ChampsFortnite$2 MillionSep 7 – 8
RLCS World Champs 2024Rocket League$1.1 MillionSep 10 – 15
GeoGuesser World Cup 2024GeoGuesser$50,000Sep 12 – 14
BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2024CS2$425,000Sep 25 – 29
League WorldsLeague of Legends$2.25 MillionSep 25 – Nov 2


October is a hugely diverse month for the esports events calendar, offering tournaments in everything from MOBA games to RTS titles, and from battle royale games to mobile FPS titles.

Tournament NameGame TitlePrize PoolDate
Honor of Kings Invitational 2024Honor of Kings$300,000TBC
Red Bull WololoAge of Empires$138,000TBC
Thunderpick World Champs 2024CS2$850,000Oct 1 – 24
COD Mobile World ChampionshipCOD Mobile$1 MillionOct 4 – 6
PGL WallachiaDota 2$1 MillionOct 4 – 13
IEM Rio 2024CS2$250,000Oct 7 – 13
DreamLeague Season 24Dota 2$1 MillionOct 7 – 13


November is the last huge month in the annual esports schedule before things start winding down for the winter period. It’s one hell of a month for fans worldwide.

Tournament NameGame TitlePrize PoolDate
Clash of Clans World Champs 2024Clash of Clans$1 MillionTBC
BLAST R6 Major MontrealRainbow Six Siege$750,000Nov 7 – 17
FFWS Global FinalsFree Fire$1 MillionTBC
PUBG Mobile Global Champs 2024COD Mobile$3 MillionTBC
M6 World ChampionshipML:BB$900,000TBC
IESF World Esports ChampionshipMultiple Games$240,000Nov 11 – 19
BLAST Premier: World Final 2024CS2$1 MillionNov 13 – 17
OWCS Season FinalsOverwatch 2TBCNov 22 – 24


And finally, we come to December, the last month in 2024’s esports events calendar. Presently, no major tournaments are confirmed to be starting in December, and it’s unlikely any will be announced. Are you looking forward to 2025?

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