Chicago Mayor Declares July 7th ‘Esports Day’

esports day

As the Esports Trade Association hosts the EsportsNext 2024 expo in Chicago, the city’s mayor has declared today, July 7, ‘Esports Day in Chicago’. The Esports Trade Association is an organisation focused on the advancement and regulation of the esports industry, working through several programs and initiatives to spread awareness, raise support, and organise events.

In an official proclamation, Mayor Brandon Johnson announced that today, Chicago’s people will celebrate Esports Day.

Unprecedented Support

Governments worldwide are becoming more receptive to the concept of esports or competitive gaming. Some nations are developing faster than others – the United States has a strong collegiate system that’s seeing thousands of students participate in esports programs, for example. In South Korea, the esports scene has been ramping up over several years, with the nation driving the way in the construction of esports stadiums and facilities.

In Chicago, the Office of the Mayor has now declared a full-fledged day to represent the growth and power of the esports industry. Hours ago, Brandon Johnson released a statement to showcase this new day:

The Chicago-based Esports Trade Assocaition brings together the most talented and visionary members of the esports community to unify the local esports sector, and is committed to building an inclusive and supportive environment that cultivates sustainable growth for all.

I, Brandon Johnson, Mayor of the City of Chicago, do hereby proclaim July 7, 2024, as ESPORTS DAY IN CHICAGO, recognising this premier event and urging all residents to champion our esports and tech ecosystem.

It’s a wonderful thing to behold. Once upon a time, the concept of competitive gaming was scoffed at, now it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry with thousands of competitors and millions of fans worldwide. In some ways, it’s starting to seriously rival traditional sports.

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