Broken Roads Devs Admit ‘Falling Short’ Despite Delays

broken roads

Recently, Broken Roads hit the open market, bringing a story-rich, post-apocalyptic RPG experience to gamers the world over right in time for the Fallout TV show. Broken Roads is set in Australia and features what’s being called a ‘genre-redefining’ morality system. It’s a party-based game that smacks of classic Fallout, but it has had a less-than-desirable launch, with mixed reviews surfacing following several teething issues that have emerged since the game dropped on April 10.

‘We’ve Fallen Short of Player Expectations’

In a post on Twitter, Drop Bear Bytes, the developer of Broken Roads, admitted that it has fallen short of expectations in some key areas and that the ongoing work to polish the game continues. To that end, the team published a roadmap that outlines various changes and improvements coming to the game soon, including:

  • Manual levelling for companions
  • Improvements to random encounters
  • Localisation fixes and improvements
  • Fixes to quest logic issues
  • More animations and gestures

In a later update, players will get:

  • Custom keybinds
  • ‘Fleshing out’ of the last chapter
  • More dialogue options
  • ‘Considerably more’ companion interactions
  • More impactful gear
  • More skill checks

The second update is set to drop in May, but the first quality-of-life update is scheduled for April 19. On Steam, Broken Roads already boasts ‘Mixed’ reviews, but it’s with a heavy heart that players are writing negative things about the game. The most in-depth review was from a user with more than eight hours in the game, and they wrote:

Honestly feel bad about giving this game a bad review, because the developers are reacting very reasonable to the feedback they are receiving and it’s clear they worked hard on certain aspects of the game. I can tell love was put into this project.

However, there are a lot of issues with the game that ranging from annoying, to buggy to just not compelling game design, and I don’t think this package will be able to overcome them all.

It’s not a huge game – it’ll take around twenty hours to complete everything that the main story has to offer in Broken Roads. Thanks to the unique ‘classless structure’ of the game, replayability levels are high, but that means nothing if Drop Bear Bytes can’t get the game polished fast enough. Last year, the developer revealed that a sizeable delay would push back the launch date of the game to ensure ‘a higher quality bar’.

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